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how to prevent maskne

How to Prevent Maskne

Acne that occurs as a result of wearing a facial covering or mask gave rise to the word “maskne” in the first place. The word “acne mechanical” was sometimes used to describe acne caused by friction and pressure on the skin, such as that caused by wearing a mask.

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BTL Treatment

Why Should You Choose BTL Vanquish ME

Are you considering a body sculpting procedure but unsure how to achieve the best results? Vanquish ME is a therapy that produces long-term benefits without requiring the use of complicated plans or programmes. With this non-surgical fat-loss approach

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healthy food for skin care

Healthy Food for Healthy Skin

Choosing the right foods for healthy skin isn’t all that different from eating well for the rest of your body. Colorful produce high in antioxidants and skin-boosting vitamin A and vitamin C can give skin a radiant glow.

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general treatments for acne scars

General Treatments for Acne Scars

Acne is a common skin condition experienced by most people to some degree, but can vary widely in severity. Acne is primarily a hormonal condition that is common in teenagers, but can also affect adults.

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