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Fat cells are frozen and killed during CoolSculpting, and the body then flushes them out. If you want the greatest results from your therapy, follow these steps:

Hydrate thoroughly

In addition to quenching thirst, water serves a number of other important functions in the body. Drinking plenty of water is recommended for all patients recovering from body contouring or liposuction surgery. Patients who have undergone CoolSculpting have the same followup requirements. Drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water each day is a good place to start, but there is no hard and fast rule about how much water you need to drink after a CoolSculpting procedure. Water consumption after a CoolSculpting procedure is recommended for several reasons, including its role in facilitating the fat-loss process.

Using the principle of cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment for eliminating localised fat deposits. The provider uses a body sculpting applicator to deliver precisely controlled cooling to the targeted fat cells, which are thought to be more vulnerable to cold than other cells in the body. When fat cells are frozen, they die and cause an inflammatory response, which causes the immune system to clear them out. Fat reduction with CoolSculpting is a time-consuming process, and you may not notice benefits until after several treatments. Water consumption is associated with improved lymphatic drainage of frozen adipose tissue. The faster you get rid of fat cells, the more water you should consume, because it enhances lymphatic function. You’ll see the results of your CoolSculpting procedure faster as a result, often within three weeks.

Water helps the lymphatic drainage system function properly, which in turn aids in the elimination of toxins and waste products from the body. Keeping the liver and kidneys hydrated helps them continue their important work of filtering and excreting harmful substances from the body. Staying hydrated keeps your physiological fluids in check and allows any excess water to exit your body via your bladder. A person with water retention may look puffy or overweight, and their weight may fluctuate throughout the day. Along with swelling, which is a normal reaction as the body processes the treated fat cells, it is one of the most prevalent CoolSculpting side effects.

Rub the affected area

A massage after CoolSculpting is optional, however it has been shown to hasten the elimination of stubborn fat. When comparing patients who had CoolSculpting with those who did not, a massage of the treated region has been shown to significantly reduce the average fat layer. The number of CoolSculpting treatments needed to achieve optimal results might be reduced with the addition of massage. A massage of the affected area may be offered immediately after your procedure, depending on your service provider. Clinical studies have shown that massages enhance the effectiveness of CoolSculpting, although the reasons for this are unclear. Frozen fat cells may be more susceptible to damage and breakdown with the help of massage. If the fat cells were broken up even more, the lymphatic system would have an easier time digesting and eliminating them.

Set reasonable goals

Although CoolSculpting produces noticeable results, it does not do so immediately. The process of your body gradually flushing away excess fat cells may take many weeks or months. It’s better not to get down on yourself if you’re not seeing immediate benefits. Instead, take pictures of your modest progress to serve as a visual reminder of how well the therapy is functioning and a record of how your body is reacting to the treatment. When you start to see results, you’ll be more determined to keep the weight off. Benefits from therapy usually become noticeable between the first session and the third month. It may take up to six months after your last treatment for the results of your therapy to become apparent, as the fat cells are removed from the body gradually.

In most cases, the results of a CoolSculpting treatment are permanent and won’t need to be touched up. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including dietary habits, is crucial for long-term results. Even if the fat cells in the treated area don’t come back, poor nutrition and lack of exercise might lead to weight growth elsewhere in the body.