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Why go through the trouble of treating acne scars? Is it only about looks?

Whether you’re an adult or a parent of a teenager, deciding how to treat acne scars may be a stressful and difficult process. Acne scar removal can lead to a more fulfilling social life and a higher sense of personal worth. Acne has been linked to mood disorders including depression. If not properly cared for, […]

Skin resurfacing: What to expect and how to get the most out of CO2 laser treatments

What you may anticipate CO2 laser skin resurfacing might appear to be a “miracle” and is expected to result in a “big improvement” for you. But we ought to counteract these claims with some sense and realism. Yes, according to the capabilities of the technology, regular people would think the outcomes of this treatment are […]

Reasons Why a Professional Chemical Peel from a Doctor is Necessary

Medical practitioners have been using chemical peels to enhance skin quality and appearance for decades. The procedure, carried out by a qualified medical esthetician, can correct a broad variety of skin issues, including discoloration, aging, acne, and moderate scarring. Depending on the patient’s skin, the therapy may consist of a single peel session or a […]