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In Petaling Jaya (near Kuala Lumpur), we use activated charcoal for expert chemical peels. If you have acne and sensitive skin, this is the best remedy you can find. Since it’s gentle enough for delicate skin, it’s great for a quick recovery facial.

What are the benefits of chemical peels?

Three common applications for chemical peels are:

This makes it an excellent choice for anyone with the following skin issues and requirements:

When should you consider getting a professional chemical peel?

The reason is straightforward: our chemical peel is far more powerful. Only licenced aestheticians in a medical environment should use it. It’s not available at store-front outlets.

How does chemical peel work

A chemical peel involves brushing a strong active component combination created by professionals onto your freshly washed skin. Ten to twenty minutes later, it’s taken out of the way.

By “peel,” we do not mean a mask that is applied wet, allowed to dry, and then removed in the manner of a sticker. That’s an extremely rough application of this product. Like the clay masks you use at home (except that it’s not a clay mask), our chemical peel solution may be removed with water.

A thin coating of chemical peel is sometimes used in conjunction with laser treatments at spas and dermatology clinics. At least, that’s not something you’ll see us doing here at the clinic. After that, the laser would accomplish most of the job on the skin, rendering the chemical layer mostly ineffective. Instead, we use a more substantial application to let the activated charcoal and its additives do the work.

Do chemical peels need downtime? Are there any negative effects?

After a chemical peel, your face may be a little red and sore. Shedding skin is a phenomenon that affects certain people. Depending on your level of vulnerability, this might last anywhere from a few days to a week.

After this treatment, you should still use a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen, even if you won’t be going out into the sun. Hyperpigmentation and further discomfort may result from failing to do so. We stock high-quality sunscreens at our medical facility.

Avoiding the use of retinol or other retinoid products before and after treatment can help lower your risk of irritation. During your initial visit, our skin care professionals or doctor will point out any additional particular instructions for you if you use retinoids or other products.

Since the peel is inert (chemically inactive), it is quite unlikely that our peel recipe will have any negative side effects.

However, a chemical peel has additional chemicals that have been shown to be helpful for all skin types. Numerous cosmetics also include them as an ingredient. These additional components may cause allergic reactions in those with certain allergies or those with extremely sensitive skin. In order to prevent this problem, we will ask you more detailed questions about your skin at our first meeting with you.

Chemical peels are performed without the use of lasers at our clinic. That means you won’t have to worry about the usual (though rare) side effects of laser procedures.