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A lot of people appear to think that exercising and following a healthy diet are preferable than body reshaping procedures, according to comments we’ve received from the general public. Typical phrases include “stop being lazy”⁠ or “there’s no quick way to losing weight”. But we want people to realise that body sculpting should not be used in place of a healthy diet and regular exercise, and that if you pursue such treatments, it does not indicate laziness or trying to cut corners.

This is true of any method for removing surface-level fat, including CoolSculpting®. Naturally, a healthy diet and regular exercise should come first.

Body sculpting and weight reduction are two very different ideas when it comes to decreasing fat, therefore it’s crucial to understand the difference between them. A single one might not be enough for you. However, what makes body sculpting stand out from a weight loss routine is its results on stubborn fat, which we’ll cover in this article.

Compared to removing fat cells, fat cells can shrink

People really refer to their body’s existing fat cells contracting and expanding when they talk about “gaining weight” or “losing weight.”

Balloons losing and gaining air are an analogy for this. Picture the balloons as your fat cells. The term “hypertrophy” refers to the expansion of fat cells that occurs when you put on weight. Fat cells decrease as a result of weight loss. The quantity of fat cells, however, remains constant. All of the fat cells are eliminated with non-surgical fat reduction. It’s like those balloons that were metaphorically popped.

Our body contouring procedures in Kuala Lumpur (Petaling Jaya) work to kill off your fat cells, which are then completely eliminated by your body. They stop existing, in other words. It has a long-lasting impact on those cells.

We are aware that we always have the same amount of fat cells in our bodies. Consider the scenario where there were fewer fat cells that could ever expand. Since we all normally experience weight fluctuations, your natural weight growth could be reduced.

That is an advantage of body contouring technologies like CoolSculpting® and Emsculpt, which dissolve fat instead of freezing it.

After non-surgical fat reduction, you may unavoidably acquire weight again. Consequently, “stubborn” fat (about which more will be said later) is the type of fat that it works best on.

Fat that is “stubborn” won’t disappear with diet and exercise

Small pockets of “stubborn” fat are treatable by fat removal methods. This is the fat that is, so to speak, “part of you.”

Removal of fat cells won’t always help you lose weight. All fat will not be eliminated. It has even been demonstrated to effectively remove up to 27% of fat from a specific treatment region.

Because of this, we frequently refer to the removal of fat as “body contouring” or “body sculpting.” Despite the fact that some refer to it as “non-surgical liposuction,” it’s not quite that.

In order to shape your body with this technique, you should already be leading a healthy lifestyle and want to get rid of any bulges that disturb you.

If performed with the proper tools, body contouring is a procedure that actually works

Regarding a body contouring’s efficacy, you can have doubts. It makes sense to respond in that way. Many gimmicks are available today. When it comes to the technology that may eliminate fat, there is, nevertheless, a “grade above.” A lot has changed in science. Today, fat cells may be eliminated without surgery thanks to established procedures.

These techniques have really undergone several clinical studies.

Always choose a well-known brand name technology, like CoolSculpting®, to ensure that you’re receiving the greatest chance possible to reduce stubborn fat. And at Klinik Dr Inder, we offer a customisable body contouring service with the use of our doctor’s expertise and CoolSculpting® so you’ll be in good hands.