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Do you know not all fats are bad? Learn these facts about fats
Do you know the frustration of trying to lose weight by doing everything properly, yet seeing no results...
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CO2 resurfacing treatment: Factors and Recovery
CO2 skin resurfacing requires a significant time and financial investment from the patient. It’s...
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Causes of Female Pattern Baldness
In both sexes, genetic hair loss is the leading cause of balding, but there are other causes of hair...
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Can Hair Loss be Caused by Antidepressants?
Do the antidepressants you take for your mental health cause your hair to thin or fall out? You can be...
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Can Dandruff Hinder the Growth of My Transplanted Hair?
Have you ever looked down at your neck and shoulders after a hair transplant and noticed the light-colored...
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Can Baldness Be Stopped or Slowed Down?
Hair loss or balding affects up to 80% of men and 50% of women. While this common ailment probably won’t...
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Acne scars: Where Do They Come From?
The only thing worse than acne itself is being constantly reminded that you have had acne. Sizes and...
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Banana Roll
What Are Banana Rolls and How To Remove It?
What Are Banana Rolls and How To Remove It? Not everyone wants to enhance...
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