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The loss of hair may have a significant effect on one’s quality of life, as experienced by the 85% of men and 40% of women who experience it. Hair loss can have negative effects on a person’s self-esteem, confidence, mood, and social life.

Board-certified hair transplant specialist and medical director Dr. Inder Kaur provides men and women with safe and efficient hair restoration options at Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur and the districts around Petaling Jaya. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of our go-to procedures for hair transplants. We use FUE to help you rebuild a larger head of hair that looks completely natural.

Donor hair is extracted from the patient’s scalp and then transplanted to balding or thinning regions.  Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia’s cutting-edge technique has shown to be the most effective method for hair transplantation.

Here are the top six reasons why you should consider getting a FUE hair transplant.

Minimal to no scarring

With the latest hair restoration procedure, Dr. Inder delivers incredible results without resorting to the invasive and scarring practise of cutting out significant sections of hair. With this method, Dr. Inder is able to transplant individual hair follicles, giving patients a fuller head of hair without the long, linear scars often associated with hair transplant procedures.

Due to the microscopic size of the FUE extraction sites ( 1mm), the resulting scars are virtually undetectable. As the treatment sites shut and recover on their own within a few days, no stitches or surgical glue are required.

Reduced pain

However, the pain associated with conventional hair transplants, which involved the excision of vast strips of scalp, is minimal in comparison to the agony associated with FUE. Local anesthetic is used to numb your scalp by your  Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia professional.

Following therapy, the majority of our patients merely require over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers such acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Nearly 80% of our patients report that their pain has subsided within 24 hours after therapy.

Healthier hair

Graft survival rates of 90–95% are achieved with FUE, but they are only 75% with the “strip” method of hair transplantation. Therefore, if you want a fuller, thicker head of hair, FUE is the way to go. As your scalp heals, you’ll notice that your hair is stronger and healthier thanks to the reduced stress on your follicles.

Less risk of infection

In general, hair transplants are incredibly risk-free medical operations. In contrast, a donor or graft site infection is a potential complication of the “strip” technique. Compared to conventional therapies, FUE has a far lower risk of infection, with fewer than 1% of patients showing indications of infection.

No general anaesthesia

Dr. Inder and our grafting specialists may conduct a FUE hair transplant at our cutting-edge facility. Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, you won’t need to stay in the hospital overnight. You are welcome to drive yourself to and from the consultation.

Minimal downtime

Hair transplant patients who use the safe and efficient FUE method will have the quickest healing time. In about two days, you’ll be able to resume many of your regular activities. And after a week, you may go back to your regular routine, with the exception of bathing and caring for your scalp while it heals and the transplanted hair comes in.

If you live in or around Kuala Lumpur and are thinking about getting a hair transplant, contact Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia online or by phone to set up a consultation and find out more about FUE.