BTL Treatment
Why Should You Choose BTL Vanquish ME
Are you considering a body sculpting procedure but unsure how to achieve the best results? Vanquish ME...
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Why is Clatuu Alpha so popular in fat freezing?
Why is Clatuu Alpha so popular in fat freezing? There are a plethora of fat freezing devices on the market,...
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healthy food for skin care
Healthy Food for Healthy Skin
Choosing the right foods for healthy skin isn't all that different from eating well for the rest of your...
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general treatments for acne scars
General Treatments for Acne Scars
Acne is a common skin condition experienced by most people to some degree, but can vary widely in severity....
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laser hair cropped 1
Say ‘yes’ to Hair Laser Removal
Say YES to Hair Laser Removal Shaving is time-consuming, expensive, and can cause painful razor burn....
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dual 1 removebg.png
Dual Yellow Laser Treatment: Why It is a Very Popular Treatment
The powerful, fast and advanced Dual Yellow laser by Norseld, with solid state electronics, is trusted...
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lutronic genius intelligent micro needling before after
The New Lutronic Genius RF Microneedling is Finally Here!
Introducing The Lutronic Genius Radiofrequency Microneedling, a device that precisely delivers radiofrequency...
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natural remedy tighten vagina
Does natural remedy tighten vagina
A woman’s body is naturally designed to undergo several changes with age and repeated trauma.It could...
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Face Contouring
Top 5 Aesthetic Trends in 2020
Gone are the days where clunky old machines and painful ‘tweaks’ . Read on to find out the latest aesthetic...
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