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Hollywood Celebrity Laser: Affordable Famous Star Aesthetics

Celebrities may leave you wondering how they managed to achieve such a state of perfection in every aspect of their lives. Indeed, success in the public eye and financial rewards typically come from diligent effort, but how about those good looks? And, our Hollywood Laser Peel makes them easily accessible.

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Benefits of a Hollywood Laser Peel

The gentle rejuvenating effect on damaged skin from ageing is one of the reasons it’s nicknamed the Hollywood Laser Peel®, and there’s no recovery period involved. You may need to hide your face for a few days (or perhaps a week) after undergoing a chemical peel or laser treatment to allow the old skin to peel off and make space for the new, improved skin. Those Hollywood celebs can’t afford to waste time if they want to show up to an event looking their best, after all. With the Hollywood Laser Peel, stars may get stunning results without seeming like they’ve “had work done.” The benefits of this rapid skin refresher are seen the very same day.

Skin Problems that a Hollywood Laser Peel Can Fix

Because it can treat so many different skin problems, the Hollywood Laser Peel is a huge time-saver for people who suffer from common skin problems like:

  • Acne
  • Skin discoloration
  • Large pores
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkles and aging signs

There isn’t a sort of skin that the Hollywood Laser Peel can’t improve.

The technology, as used in Hollywood

The Hollywood Laser Peel has such impressive results because it has a dual mechanism of action. To begin, it breaks down the undesirable pigment in areas where it may then be naturally eliminated by the body, such as sunspots and melasma. Secondly, as the dermis is heated by the laser, it contracts. Collagen, the protein responsible for skin’s tone and texture, responds to this therapeutic heat. This implies that you will get both immediate advantages from the contraction and longer-term benefits from your body’s increased collagen production.

The Process

The first step of the Hollywood Laser Peel is the application of the Spectra carbon lotion. We then do the initial pass over your skin to warm the tissue. After your tissue has reached the proper temperature, we will make several more passes to gently peel away the carbon lotion and the top layer of skin to show the new skin beneath. You may feel some heat and hear a snapping sound throughout your treatments, but the vast majority of our patrons find this peel to be extremely tolerable.

Founded by Datuk Dr Inder, Inder Aesthetic (Klinik Dr Inder) is home to a team of highly educated and Certified Aesthetic doctors that provide the same procedures used to maintain the youthful appearance of Hollywood’s A-listers. Our Hollywood Laser Peel with Spectra is a top-seller and one of our most popular procedures.

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