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Why is Dual Yellow Laser a Very Popular Treatment + PROMO

dual yellow laser

Dual Yellow Laser: What is It?

Melasma, acne, large lesions, and vascular lesions are just some of the many skin conditions that may be effectively treated with the Dual Yellow Laser’s array of wavelengths. For a more pronounced and long-lasting impact of skin whitening, Dual Yellow Laser is also developed for an efficient total skin rejuvenation therapy. The overall look of wrinkled and sun-damaged skin is enhanced by these therapies. How? Specifically, it aids in the removal of telangiectasia, seborrheic keratoses, sebaceous hyperplasia, and other relatively harmless skin imperfections. These therapies use non-ablative resurfacing to promote the growth of new collagen in the epidermis.

How does Dual Yellow Laser work?

Skin discoloration, vascular irregularities, and dyschromia can all be treated with the use of a pair of yellow lasers. The FEM Technology helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen and dermal tissue formation.

FEM technology offers a distinctive burst of intense yellow laser light that repeats in pulses lasting hundreds of nanoseconds per second. The cytochrome in your cells is stimulated by these pulses, which each have a peak power of 2 MW, and you then have an inflammatory response. These actions encourage the production of new collagen. Early research indicates that subjecting skin to Dual Yellow Laser therapy results in a 143% rise in the rate of pro-collagen synthesis. You may also use these methods to treat scars, warts, and stretch marks.

The Dual Yellow Laser improves skin healthy by generating collage, targeting melanin, transmitting lights into skin to fight melasma and reducing sebum production.

The process: How does it feel?

Many deeper skin issues related with ageing and sun exposure needed surgical or more invasive therapy to get long-term outcomes before the widespread availability of laser treatment. These procedures often required much time and effort, as well as discomfort, a protracted recovery period, lost productivity, and high costs.

In particular, non-ablative lasers like the Dual Yellow have revolutionized how skin rejuvenation is approached. In terms of effectiveness and tolerability, laser therapy is ideal. As this laser does not penetrate the epidermis, it is quite safe to use. Redness and moderate swelling are possible but usually subside within a few hours after treatment. The skin types that benefit most from the Dual Yellow Laser include those with mild to severe acne, melasma (pigments brought on by sun exposure, genetics, or hormonal shift), redness, and sensitivity.

So what makes this treatment popular?

Aesthetic specialists all over the world rely on the reliable, rapid, and cutting-edge Dual Yellow laser, which is equipped with solid-state electronics.

The Dual Yellow generates two distinct colours of light—yellow (578 nm) and green (511 nm)—in a single device. Our copper bromide-based technology allows each wavelength to penetrate deeply without causing collateral harm. The Dual Yellow multi-wavelength laser is effective for all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) and so replaces the need for any additional cosmetic lasers.

Laser rejuvenation, laser scar and stretch mark therapy, pigment clearance, vascular treatment, and melasma are just some of the most common aesthetic procedures that may be performed with the Dual Yellow laser system.

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