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Several Ways Your Skin Might Benefit from Microneedling

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Klinik Dr Inder (Inder Wellness) at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur offers microneedling, a popular skin treatment. Collagen induction therapy is a treatment option that promotes skin health by stimulating the body’s own repair and regeneration mechanisms. Patients who wish to revitalise and enhance their skin’s appearance often choose this therapy because it doesn’t cause them too much trouble.

Make sense of microneedling

It’s a basic idea, yet it works well. The procedure entails using extremely thin needles to pierce the skin repeatedly to create a network of channels. Although it may seem uncomfortable, only the outer layers are reached by microneedles. You won’t get the same sensation as with a hypodermic needle. Most people say it feels like light itching at worst.

To what extent can microneedling improve skin?

There is a high rate of cellular turnover in the epidermal layer of skin. Collagen and other components of the deeper layers are constantly being regenerated. Both processes diminish with age, which helps explain why we see volume loss, laxity, and other telltale indications of ageing. However, the human body is designed to heal itself, leading to instantaneous regeneration.

Microneedling was developed to stimulate a healing response. Because your skin perceives even superficial punctures as wounds, collagen formation and tissue regeneration speed up. However, they are so little and superficial that you wouldn’t even know they were injuries. Even if there is no real wound to mend, your skin will still benefit from the rejuvenation processes by gaining volume, increasing suppleness, and repairing existing cellular damage.

What Kinds Of Skin Issues Can Microneedling Address?

The skin’s general quality and look are enhanced, and the signs of ageing are combated. It’s also used to treat a wide range of skin conditions specifically, such as:

  • Skin has visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and creases.
  • Scars from acne or pregnancy can be difficult to conceal.
  • Forms of alopecia (hair loss)
  • Disparities in skin pigmentation, including uneven skin tone
  • Pimples and redness
  • paleness of skin

To what extent can microneedling aid those with acne?

The most well-known advantage for persons with acne is a lessening of scarring. A depressed acne scar is the most frequent form. Collagen production is boosted by microneedling, which helps to plump up the hollow and make it less obvious. Needles simultaneously tear apart scar tissue fibres, reducing their stiffness.

Because it may be combined with many other medicinal serums, this method offers a great deal of flexibility. To be effective, topical formulas for treating acne, rosacea, and other skin problems need to penetrate deeply into the skin. Microneedling, on the other hand, creates microscopic channels that transport these formulations straight to the tissue that need them.

So, What Exactly Is Micropen Therapy?

The MicroPen may be small, but it offers significant advantages. It’s a portable microneedling applicator, approximately the size of an ink pen, that doesn’t require a cable. The physician makes one continuous, smooth sweep across the skin with the tiny tips until the entire treatment area has been covered. MicroPen’s consistent, individualised care is automated, adaptable, and user-defined.

So, What Exactly Is Radio Frequency (Rf) Microneedling?

Radiofrequency (RF) and microneedling are two techniques that complement one another well. Various skin treatments make use of RF energy. It has the same curative properties as lasers and can even penetrate deeper into the skin than light can. For this reason, radio frequency (RF) is ideally suited for tightening skin and other deep tissues.

Microneedles are used to deliver radiofrequency radiation deep into the skin. Microneedling’s advantages are provided mechanically by this delivery technique. More precisely and powerfully than with surface applications, RF energy may penetrate to much deeper strata.

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