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Shaving vs Hair Removal: Which one is Cheaper?

Shaving vs Hair Removal

We adore hair on our heads and brows but dislike it more elsewhere on the body. Even if it has the ability to boost our self-esteem and inspire us, it may also make us feel self-conscious, particularly if we have excessive or undesired body hair. This is also the reason we continually spend money and effort trying to get rid of it, most frequently by shaving. 

Shaving is convenient and efficient, but one of its biggest drawbacks is how quickly it works. Only two to three days, or maybe just 24 hours, are the consequences lasting. There is also the idea that the hair grows back darker and faster, albeit this is a myth. However, due of the blunt tip, the hair does feel thicker and more prominent. 

Long-term effects of shaving

Shaving may appear inexpensive at first, but it is not truly cost-effective over time. To get silky smooth skin, you will need to shave often (every two to three days), as the effects are fleeting. You will thus need to buy lotions, gels, and razors on a regular basis. In the long run, the total cost does increase. 

Of course, there are cheaper razors, ones with fewer blades, and disposable single-blade models. The issue is that they are not advised for hair removal in difficult to reach places. They also rub against the skin, aggravating it more. Although they might be pricey, four- or five-blade razors are advised.

Ineffective and more prone to result in adverse effects (cuts, bumps, redness, and infections) when shaving are also old, dull blades. For this reason, you should switch up your razors every one to two weeks if you shave every day or every two to three weeks if you shave every other day. 

Other negative aspects of shaving

Shaving is safe, comfortable, and productive when done correctly. Of course, there are disadvantages to this approach, particularly if you don’t have the proper equipment, don’t prepare your skin, and apply excessive pressure with the razor. These comprise: 

  • Cuts/irritation
  • Itching
  • shaver burns
  • unruly hairs
  • Unhealthy hair follicles
  • Dark patches or spot

What can be done to prevent undesirable body hair?

Consider Hair Removal (Reduction) if you’re sick of shaving and waxing. It is a laser-based method that prevents new hair development by using high-frequency, low-fluence laser pulses. It is suited for all skin colors and hair types and is secure, efficient, and very painless. 

How it works: To target the melanin or pigment in the hair, hair removal employs 50% of light energy. The remaining 50% then concentrates on the cells in charge of hair formation. Instead of treating the skin’s surface with high-intensity energy shots, the hair removal gadget gently pulses energy over the problem region to scan it.

It is safe and mild for two reasons, the first of which is the gradual heating of the skin. The applicator may move about rather than being kept steady on top of the skin surface thanks to the use of an In-Motion method and a low-heat setting. The patient is more comfortable during hair removal due to the progressive development of heat. 

Additional factors to consider hair removal are listed below:

  • Suitable for fine and lighter-colored hair as well as coarse, black hair, it may cure all hair and skin types. Obviously, the latter will need additional sessions.
  • Almost any part of the body can be treated with Hair Removal to help remove unwanted hair, including the following:
  • Face
  • upper and lower arms
  • Chest
  • Legs 
  • Back
  • Bikini area
  • Results that last – By targeting the follicles to prevent further hair growth, this approach can help you achieve permanent hair reduction. Only the advised number of sessions—6 to 8 treatments spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart—must be completed.
  • No cuts, bumps, or associated side effects – If you used a light-based hair removal method, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs, or bleeding. In a few of days or weeks, you won’t need to wax or shave either.

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