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Why is It Important to Choose a Certified Doctor for Your Aesthetic treatment?

Just like Caucasians are more likely to develop wrinkles as they age, Asians are genetically more prone to developing dark patches (or pigmentation). This is due to Asians’ greater levels of melanin, a pigment found naturally in their skin. Melanin is overproduced as part of the skin’s coping strategy when inflammation occurs, which may be caused by anything from a little pimple to substantial hormonal changes related to ageing or pregnancy. When pigment clusters together, it causes hyperpigmentation, which appears as dark blotches on the skin.

some useful treatments for skin pigmentation for both males and females

To get rid of dark spots, you’ll need to follow a strict skincare routine and use products that are particularly designed for them. Even so, totally eradicating black spots can be difficult, especially because topical skincare products only function on the epidermal layers (the uppermost layers of skin), while melanin can be aggregated across the skin layers, from epidermal to dermal. Here are some of the treatments to deal with skin pigmentation issues:

Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment

Dermatologists and clinicians utilize fractional CO2 lasers to treat acne scars, deep wrinkles, and other skin abnormalities. It’s a non-invasive process that removes the damaged skin’s outer layers with a laser composed of carbon dioxide.

This is one of the most extensively utilised laser treatments. The therapy is perfect for accurate and safe ablation since its energy is well absorbed in water and skin has a high quantity of it.

It’s utilized for resurfacing’ of the skin as well as photorejuvenation.


Microdermabrasion is an in-office treatment for hyperpigmentation that only affects the epidermis (superficial scarring).

Your dermatologist will use a drill-like handheld equipment with a wire brush or other abrasive attachment throughout the operation. The instrument is then swiped over your skin to remove the epidermis quickly yet softly. It’s possible that you’ll need more than one session to get the results you want.

Chemical peel

A chemical peel, also known as chemexfoliation or dermapeeling, improves the look of your skin by using a chemical solution. A chemical solution is administered to your skin during this therapy, causing stress or harm to the layers of your skin. The layers of skin finally peel away, revealing more young skin beneath. The new skin is generally smoother, with fewer creases and wrinkles, a more even hue, and a more youthful appearance.

Carbon Laser Peel

The Carbon Peel Facial, often known as the ‘China Doll Peel Facial’ (because to the skin’s china doll-like finish), is a cutting-edge laser resurfacing procedure that treats skin flaws with concentrated light beams.

The Carbon Peel Facial aims to rebalance the skin. It gives the skin a uniform shine and a flawless texture and complexion.

The procedure’s strength is that when the treated skin regenerates, the appearance of uneven skin, dark or age spots, and pigment fades and the texture becomes more uniform.

MedLite Laser treatment

The MedLite C6 laser uses high-speed energy waves that penetrate the skin in nanoseconds, which reduces the amount of heat used in each procedure compared to more commonly used Photothermal laser treatments, sparing the epidermal pigment and allowing for deeper penetration and targeting of areas of concern. It has also been shown to be effective in the removal of unwanted hair and skin rejuvenation treatments.

The MedLite C6 laser is particularly well-known for its unrivalled Precision Beam Technology, which is supplied via a homogeneous, flat-top beam profile with no spikes or hot spots. It’s a quick and painless treatment with minimal recovery time.

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