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CLATUU Fat Freezing is a non-surgical way to reduce stubborn fat using cold technology. It freezes fat cells, which gradually disappear naturally. The treatment is comfy, doesn’t require recovery time, and might need a few sessions. It’s for people who want to improve specific areas with stubborn fat. CLATUU uses two freezing devices to ensure safety and can treat two areas at once, which is convenient. It’s not for weight loss but for shaping the body and enhancing how it looks.


With its dual fat freezing devices. It cools fat cells without causing damage to other tissues, making it a safer option than liposuction. It works fast as dual applicators meant that two areas of your body can be treated all at once during one session. Since it is a non-surgical treatment, it does not require downtime, which is perfect for working professionals, especially since a single session only lasts for an hour. Clatuu is best used in freezing fat cells in the lower belly, saddlebags, love handles, the flanks, upper arms, bra bulges, or back fat. It should be noted though that Clatuu should not be seen as a weight loss treatment but a body sculpting treatment.


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CLATUU Fat Freezing Steps:


Begin with a consultation to assess your suitability for CLATUU and discuss your target areas and expectations.

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On the treatment day, ensure the target areas are clean and free from lotions or oils. The dual applicators are placed on the selected areas. You’ll experience a cooling sensation as they start to target the fat cells.

Treatment Duration

Each session typically lasts about an hour, during which you can relax or engage in activities.

The advantage of dual applicators is that two areas can be treated simultaneously.

Clatuu Fat Freezing


  • Mild Discomfort: You might experience mild discomfort, numbness, or temporary redness in the treated areas. This is normal and usually fades quickly.
  • Hydration: Stay well-hydrated after the treatment to support your body’s natural processes.
  • Gentle Care: Avoid harsh scrubbing or rubbing of the treated areas to allow your skin to heal.
  • Regular Activities: You can go back to your regular routine immediately, as there’s no downtime.
  • Results: Over the following weeks, you’ll notice gradual fat reduction as the treated fat cells are metabolized.


Remember that individual experiences can vary, so it's essential to follow the specific aftercare advice provided by your practitioner. Consulting with a professional ensures a safe and successful CLATUU Fat Freezing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment painful?

You might feel minor discomfort and manageable pain while doing this treatment.

In the process whereby we freeze the fat cells, a vacuum is used to suck on your skin. However, this process takes just about 10 minutes and a special Clatuu gel, Matrix Gel Pad is used to reduce discomfort and ensure maximum safety. Our doctor will then massage the treated area to return the texture back to normal.

This treatment does not cause harm to your health. There might be some redness, bruises and swelling after the treatment but this is normal and could be reduced by placing ice on the affected area. The bruises and swelling will reduce by itself in about 3-4 days. Besides that, there are no side effects associated with the treatment.

Warm shower can also help in blood circulation especially in the affected area.

This treatment is a safe, non-surgical treatment. There’s no downtime required.

The procedure for Clatuu Fat Freezing would take about 1 to 2 hours to the end of the treatment that too is highly depending on the fat thickness.