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Hair transplantation, the surgical transfer of hair follicles from one part of the body to another, has emerged as a popular option for patients suffering from hair loss or baldness. The majority of people who have hair transplants live in the United States. By 2027, experts predict, the number of hair transplants performed in the United States will have increased dramatically due to the rising prevalence of hair loss among both men and women, and the same trend could be witnessed in other countries as well.

However, hair transplantation may be a complicated surgery, so it’s advisable to do some research or see an expert before getting started. We’ve answered a frequently asked question regarding washing hair after restoration to assist you out.

How to Clean Your Hair After a Hair Transplant

After hair replacement, proper hair cleaning procedure must be followed. Just a few of these methods are,

Products for Your Hair’s Post-Restoration Health

For the first several weeks following repair, using baby shampoo is suggested. Baby shampoo is mild and effective in preventing irritation in the delicate transplant region. Baby shampoo and water may be mixed in a cup and used to clean it. Natural hair products that are helpful for hair following restoration include, but are not limited to, baby shampoo;

Hair Care After a Hair Implant Procedure: Some Considerations

Here are some things to think about before you wash your hair.

How Soon After a Hair Transplant Can You Wash Your Hair?

The healing process for a hair transplant takes at least two days. It’s OK to wash up thoroughly before surgery. The patient can begin shampooing their hair three days following the transplant. For the first five days, you should take it easy. Scrubbing too vigorously might loosen a graft. Some shower heads have quite strong pressure, so it’s best to avoid putting your head directly beneath the water stream.

The patient should also be very careful when bathing themselves. The best way to shampoo your hair is to squeeze a small amount into your palm, work it into a rich lather between your fingers, and then gently rub it. After seven days, if the scabs have not fallen off, apply conditioner to the affected area and massage in a circular manner.

When washing your hair following a hair transplant, is it OK to massage your scalp?

Patients should wait 10 days following surgery before receiving their first scalp massage. Even so, gentle pressure is required. The scalp needs at least 10 days to recover from surgery, which is why waiting is necessary. There’s a good possibility the transplanted hair follicles will be destroyed if you don’t wait the recommended 10 days.

Once you’ve had a hair transplantation, when can you safely wash your hair again?

After 7-10 days, the dried blood should have completely disappeared. After 14 days, you can return to your regular hair care routine, including washing your hair. If necessary, one can wash their hair more than once daily. Discuss your options with the hair restoration specialists in your area for further details.

To briefly summarize…

Multiple methods exist for restoring hair. Cleaning your hair after a hair transplant is essential. The outcome of a hair transplant, however, is directly related to the aftercare the patient provides for their hair. For advice on what to do after your hair transplant treatment, contact our team at Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia (Klinik Dr Inder).