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Sculpt your face with nose thread

When it comes to the face, the nose is the most important feature, and its form has a huge influence on how you seem. Want a better-looking nose but don’t want to undergo an invasive surgery such as rhinoplasty? It is now possible for you to have the nose of your dreams without undergoing any invasive surgical procedures at all by visiting the nearest Aesthetic clinic for only one hour.

sculpt your face with nose thread

Both thread lift and filler can be used to improve your nose’s look without the need for surgery. The patient’s intended outcomes will be discussed fully at the first session, and the doctor may opt to undertake a combination therapy based on the patient’s desires. For the most part, nose threads are more successful in creating a sharper nose tip, a more definite lift, and a sharper, more defined contour than fillers, which tend to be less effective. 

What is a Nose Thread Lift?

Patients looking for non-invasive, reversible, and more predictable results might consider the nasal thread lift as an option.

The fact that a nose thread lift is a non-surgical technique with minimum incisions makes it an excellent alternative to rhinoplasty. This implies that there will be no incisions or surgery.

As a result of its exceptionally safe profile, PDO (polydioxanone) has been employed in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications for many years in non-surgical nose lift applications.

The PDO substance is entirely biodegradable, which means that it is completely absorbed by the body over time. This material is non-allergenic and non-antigenic.

What is the process?

The nasal thread lift, sometimes known as a “lunchtime nose job,” is a procedure that may be accomplished in less than an hour. Patients are able to resume their normal routines almost immediately following treatment because of the short recovery period.

During the process, your doctor will have you lie on your back with your head inclined up and your eyes closed. Your nose and the region around it may be given a topical anaesthetic, which will alleviate any pain or discomfort.

For height and projection, your doctor will insert fine threads horizontally over the nasal bridge, as well as vertically into its tip. Structural scaffolding is used to assist shape the nose, while collagen stimulators are used to encourage the synthesis of new, enduring collagen to create a long-term lift for the nose.

The amount of threads needed depends on the individual, their existing nose shape, and the desired result. Results may be seen right away since the threads act as a scaffold for the nostrils.

The main advantages of the Nose Thread Lift procedure.

A few of the thread lift procedure’s key advantages are as follows:

  • As long as the threads disintegrate naturally within 6-8 months, you’ll be able to remove them if you don’t like the results.
  • The nose thread lift procedure is substantially less expensive than a regular rhinoplasty procedure, making it convenient.
  • It’s a safe and effective method
  • Immediate outcomes that can be seen.
  • There is no downtime whatsoever.
  • Patients are able to return to their daily routines nearly immediately.
  • Anesthetics aren’t necessary.

Procedure to Lift the Nose Threads

There are immediate effects from a nose thread lift treatment that continue to improve over time as your body begins to renew more collagen.

Typically, the effects endure between one and two years. An even longer-lasting outcome can be expected if the procedure is repeated nine months after the original procedure was completed. Finally, some long-term lifting can be predicted by stimulating collagen in the nose.

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