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Scars on the scalp are very commonly seen due to injuries, surgical procedures like facelift, FUT strip method (causing a linear scar), etc. At Klinik Dr Inder, we often repair these scars while performing an FUE hair transplant. However, sometimes it is done on its own. We also provide post-care treatments which are included in the service and we will follow up and guide you through the after-care journey. When doing FUE into scars, We employ a specialized method for transplantation using micro punching to attain a better outcome.

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These tiny punches remove a small core of the scar with each punch so as to achieve the following objectives:

physical reduction of the bald scar

 replacement of unhealthy scar tissue with healthy hair graft tissue

better access and contact with the underlying healthy blood supply to improve graft growth

physical relaxation of the scar tissue.

The excitement of having a full head of hair following a hair restoration procedure was often offset by the appearance of hair transplant scars from older techniques of hair restoration.

These older techniques of hair transplant or other scalp procedures did not have proper methods to deal with the appearance of scars after surgery and patients often had to wear their hair long on the back of their head in order to hide any scars from the original procedures. 

The way a scalp scar revision is performed is primarily determined by the shape, size and location of the scar. There are few methods for scar revision over the scalp and the one we offer is FUE method hair transplant over the scar .


This is done in order to bring a greater amount of hair into the scar or to remove or minimize the density of hair that surrounds the scar location or both. No matter which method is chosen by the surgeon, FUE minimizes the contrast between the scar area and surrounding scalp and can effectively improve the appearance of the scar.