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Body Sculpting for Men: Emsculpt NEO

EmSculpt Neo is the first-ever system that combines two forms of body shaping into one 30-minute operation. You can burn fat and develop muscle without exercising since it has been scientifically established. This method does not need any downtime and produces long-term fat reduction.

Using electromagnetic radiation to cause muscular contractions, EmSculpt Neo builds on the EmSculpt technology that has been around for a while now. After the body goes through a series of natural processes on its own, users should expect to see effects in one to three months. How EmSculpt Neo may help you reach your dream body without spending countless hours sweating it out is explained in detail below.

body sculpting for men emsculpt neo

What is EmSculpt Neo

There is no down time with EmSculpt Neo, a body contouring process developed by BTL Industries, meaning that the patient may go about their day as normal following treatment. In most cases, body contouring operations are aimed to help you shed weight or develop muscle. Nevertheless, EmSculpt Neo is the first to combine the two functions. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical and beauty equipment, BTL, was formed in 1993. At now, the firm employs more than 1,900 people in more than 58 countries, with a focus on non-invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening, and health and wellbeing for women. With EmSculpt Neo you can get even better results than you could with its predecessor. It’s the first non-invasive fat-elimination technique approved by the FDA. Deep muscular contractions, not attainable through exercise alone, are stimulated using EmSculpt Neo’s simultaneous release of high intensity electromagnetic and radio frequency energies (HIERF). A single product on the market isn’t going to be able to deliver as much muscle gain and fat loss as this one. To treat both muscle and fat, two separate treatments would be required. EmSculpt Neo is unique in that it combines both fat-melting and muscle-building elements into a single treatment. This means that EmSculpt Neo is more efficient and time-saving than other treatments. EmSculpt Neo has a lot of potential clients, according to Ron Borsheim, BTL’s VP of Product Development. This combination of heating and burning fat provides for greater outcomes than any single therapy, including more fat removal and better muscle building, he said in his presentation. BTL is ecstatic about the findings of the current investigations. According to John Ferris, Vice President of US Marketing, clients may expect a speedy and efficient procedure while in the office for treatment. As a consequence, EmSculpt Neo gives a two-in-one fat-burning and muscle building salute at once, ensuring that the client’s expectations are exceeded. The EmSculpt Neo process, according to David Goldberg, MD, is less time consuming and more cost effective than other methods of body shaping. EmSculpt Neo, he said, takes body shaping to a new level. Doctor Goldberg stated that there is a quick reduction in fat mass as well as an increase in muscle mass, which is better than what we would achieve on our own. A wide range of body types can be treated by EmSculpt Neo, even those with a BMI of 35. As well as on the stomach, buttocks and thighs; the back, bra region and arms; and many other body areas. EmSculpt Neo has been scientifically tested and confirmed to be effective. High intensity magnetic field (HIFEM) technology has been explored in more than 30 articles since its inception in 2018.

How Does it Work

Electromagnetic fields are used with radio frequency in the EmSculpt Neo procedure. Using the EmSculpt Neo applicator, HIFEM and radio frequencies are sent deep into the body, resulting in muscular contractions that can’t be induced by exercise on their own.

The temperature in your muscles rises by several degrees during this energy transfer. A warm-up exercise like this one prepares your muscles for the tension they will face throughout a workout. You will notice apoptosis after just four minutes, when your subcutaneous fat (the fat immediately below your skin) is irreversibly destroyed and progressively evacuated from your body. EmSculpt Neo’s producers recommend four treatments over the course of four weeks for the greatest results.

There are no workouts that can replicate the effects of EmSculpt Neo operations on muscle fibres. In order to improve muscle growth and volume, the muscle has to increase the amount of muscle fibres and cells it possesses. Permanently eliminate fat cells and grow muscular mass can be achieved with just the one session of the therapy.

Electromagnetic radiation is used to create strong contractions that originate at the nerve root. Using deep stimulation, electromagnetic radiation is able to push the muscles to contract and grow in a way that can’t be achieved via voluntary exercise alone. As stated on the company’s website, the therapy results in around 20,000 muscular contractions.

In comparison to its predecessor, EmSculpt, EmSculpt Neo is an improved version. Fat burning and muscle growth are achieved by combining radiofrequency heating with high intensity electromagnetic radiation. Using the EmSculpt is solely for the purpose of increasing muscle mass. Radiofrequency is an advanced kind of energy that heats the tissues. Apoptosis, a process of regulated cell death, occurs when the tissues are heated, resulting in the permanent loss of fat in the user.

Excess fat cells are eliminated, and your body gradually gets rid of them on their own, according to the business website. One month following therapy, you should begin to see results. The process might take up to three months. A person’s outcomes may differ from person to person, thus it is important to keep this in mind.

Men, in particular, seem to respond to the treatment positively because they have greater muscle mass, so their response to the technology in some ways may be more dramatic. Most male patients use the device on their arms and abs, but really all over. Ideal candidates are close to ideal body weight who are looking to tone and tighten.

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