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Acne is a troublesome battle a lot of people combat. There are multiple issues to address when it come to acne, namely the infection and inflammation, the scarring and finally recurrence. This oily skin will cause acne scar but this problem can be solved bu acne treatment. 

Once the active acne settles, we can now move on to managing the scars, both pigmented and ice pick scars. Hence, you will get the best result for your skin.


Active Acne would usually be treated with acne treatment where a course of oral and topical medication were used to reduce the cystic lesion and to control the oil and sebum production that can further flare out a breakout.

Acne Treatment ranges from oral retinols to laser therapy.

It is advisable for a consultation with our aesthetic physicians first as the treatments differ vastly for different stages of acne. If treated wrongly, it can exacerbate the skin lesions.

Frequently Asked Question About Acne Treatment

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Get the best acne solution for and get the best result at Klinik Dr Inder. Even though there are lost of acne product out there, but not every product will give best result.

What are the treatments available for acne?

What are the side effects?

The side effects differ greatly from one treatment to another, however common side effects with most acne treatment would be mild irritation to skin to subtle inflammation, nothing scary.

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