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What Are Banana Rolls and How To Remove It?

Banana Roll

Not everyone wants to enhance or get rid of their belly fat. Another issue is the butt fat, sometimes known as banana rolls, or the difficult-to-lose fat bulges between the lower buttocks and upper thighs. They may also give your butt a deformed appearance, giving you a droopy or older aspect. 

Continue reading if you’re worried about banana rolls too and want to know how to get rid of them without drugs or surgery.

What precisely is butt fat or a banana roll?

Butt fat, also known as banana roll fat, is a form of stubborn fat that builds up above the upper thighs and under the buttocks. Its name refers to the crescent- or banana-shaped pocket of fat that develops behind the buttock crease. Additionally, as was already noted, it results in sagging glutes, which some find unsightly.

Although those who are overweight are more likely to experience banana rolls, persons who are thin or of a normal weight may also experience this problem, depending on their weight distribution and fat composition. This might then result in a condition that is even more irritating since it can be difficult to fit comfortably into clothing or jeans. 

Why do banana rolls happen?

There are several forces at work, including: 

  • Your genes: Some people are genetically predisposed to storing fat in the tummy, thighs, back, and chin, as well as other parts of the body. 
  • In order to aid in pregnancy and lactation, hormones—in situations like pregnancy—can stimulate fat accumulation around the hips, thighs, and buttocks. The same holds true after menopause, when a drop in estrogen results in a change in where fat is stored. 
  • Sitting for extended periods of time or leading a sedentary lifestyle can weaken the muscles in your buttocks, which can lead to the formation of banana rolls.
  • Unhealthy eating habits can cause extra fat to accumulate throughout the body, not only in the buttocks. Overeating can cause weight gain or becoming overweight if you consume more calories than you burn.  
  • Old age may be linked to butt fat or less distinct buttocks. Along with the loss of fat and muscle, the fall in collagen and elastin can cause tissues to droop, which can also manifest as butt fat.

Banana rolls: How can you get rid of them?

Regular diet and exercise are beneficial, as are cosmetic surgeries like body contouring and fat removal. Although a surgical procedure like liposuction can have a big impact, it also has a lengthier recovery period and additional side effects. Not everyone wants to get surgery or wants to run for office. 

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Klinik Dr. Inder offers the most popular CoolSculpting procedure. The applicators on this newly created fat freezing device are C-shaped to accommodate the body’s natural contours and include mild vacuum technology. It takes less time than conventional CoolSculpting procedures to safely and effectively target and remove fat cells.

Using Cryolipolysis or controlled chilling technology, CoolSculpting in Malaysia freezes fat cells, causing apoptosis or natural cell death. The treated cells are eliminated by the lymphatic system and digested in the liver as waste. This causes the thickness of the fat layer in the treated region to progressively decrease.

Additionally, CoolSculpting includes elements that might enhance your fat-freezing procedure. These consist of:

  • Dual sculpting can treat two regions simultaneously or in one session, cutting down on the overall treatment time.
  • Applicators that are more comfortable; the C-shaped cups fit the contours of the body. Additionally, it incorporates a soft vacuum technique that lessens pressure on the tissue.
  • It may target more fat cells in a single session since it covers greater skin surface and provides 18% more fat coverage.
  • It is possible to lower the amount of fat cells by up to 27% in certain body regions. 
  • Faster results: After four weeks, there are noticeable changes, and after three to four months (when the body has drained out all the treated fat cells), there are major benefits.
  • It contains seven applicators, can treat nine distinct regions, and has US FDA approval to treat the following:
    • either banana bread or butt fat
    • Abdomen Arms
    • Chest Back Thighs 
    • (Love handles) Flanks
    • Bra rolls or fat
    • beneath the chin

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