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If you are struggling with underarm hyperpigmentation, you can try looking for remedies once the underlying reason has been resolved. You may now experiment with a few different treatments to see if they work (such natural cures or gentle over-the-counter lotions).

For this kind of hyperpigmentation, it’s recommended to get expert assistance because the underarm region is so delicate and thin. Any improper action you take might cause the region to itch once again and cause further skin discoloration. Healing from this may take several months. Our team at Klinik Dr Inder can further help you with a consultation, however, here are some available treatments for your information if you’re still in the process of learning about the treatments.

The following are typical remedies for armpit lightening:


Vitamin A compounds classified as retinoids can be applied topically or consumed orally. It’s often topical for hyperpigmentation. For a number of skin issues, including discoloration, retinoids are a “wonder treatment.”

Retinol with the strength of .25 is advised once or twice a week. Then gradually start using it more frequently and in greater quantities. As retinoids are a fairly potent component, it is usual and advised to get medical counsel before taking them.

Exfoliating peels

Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids are used in chemical peels to achieve exfoliation. They can assist in removing the discoloured skin that is perched on top of the dermis. However, the goal is to avoid overdoing it to avoid irritating the armpit even more. Only a specialist who has evaluated your unique demands should carry it out.


Microdermabrasion seeks to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, just like chemical peels do. However, it makes use of either tiny sand particles or a wand with a diamond tip in place of chemicals.

The majority of your hyperpigmentation is located in the top layer of skin. The body automatically begins to produce new skin when it is carefully removed. Since this new skin is less irritated than the layers of dead skin being removed, the theory is that it won’t become hyperpigmented.

Laser skin resurfacing

There are several types and variants of lasers. Some people repair hyperpigmentation more well than others. But improper laser usage might result in burns, which can exacerbate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. If it is severe, it could be difficult to undo this.

Make sure you select a laser facility that is doctor-led while making your decision. The on-site doctor need to have a lot of expertise using lasers to address pigmentation issues. To be effective, treatments must be administered in a precise manner that doesn’t make your illness worse.

Using gentle exfoliants for maintenance at home

It is always advised to use certain skin care products that are formulated to cater to medical-grade facials and laser procedures. When it comes to home skin care routines for hyperpigmentation, you must adhere to a doctor’s instructions.

To get rid of hyperpigmentation under the arms, you might also need to regularly apply mild exfoliating solutions.

Never lose hope; underarm skin lightening options are plenty

It is possible to brighten dark underarms, as we saw above. Simply said, it requires effort, endurance, and attention to your underarm skin.

The first step is to get rid of the hyperpigmentation’s source, which may entail making certain lifestyle adjustments. Other times, you’ll require medical attention to treat health problems that could be the cause of hyperpigmentation.

High-quality services for hyperpigmentation can also be obtained from a medical aesthetics clinic run by a doctor. These could include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, cosmeceutical skin care, and laser skin rejuvenation. Check out our clinic at Klinik Dr Inder for these treatments or book a consultation with us.