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Often, we put too much emphasis on the face area while discussing hyperpigmentation remedies. It is typically the most noticeable for that reason. The problem, however, can occur everywhere, as those who have patchy skin darkening would experience. This includes the underarm areas. Because of this, treatments for underarm hyperpigmentation are often sought after.

What steps can you take to avoid them altogether?

Start by eliminating the root cause of the underarm skin darkening

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that underarm skin is quite sensitive. The skin is very thin, similar to the skin surrounding the eyes. If you can picture using a razor on your eyelids, you can probably imagine how frequently we shave our underarms. By shaving, using deodorants, pressing clothing against them, failing to let them breathe, and other methods, we achieve this skin problem.

When the skin is injured in some way, hyperpigmentation of the skin frequently starts. By leaving a black acne scar, for instance, a pimple on the face might result in hyperpigmentation. The term “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation” refers to the darkening of the skin following injury.

Hyperpigmentation can also occur as a result of:

It occasionally cannot be avoided (as in the case of melasma during pregnancy). Skin irritation, however, will just exacerbate it, even if it is already “in you.”

Aside from that, darker skin tones already generate more melanin than lighter skin tones do. This increases the risk of uneven hyperpigmentation in persons of colour. So it’s crucial to first deal with the underlying source of the skin’s darkening while treating underarm hyperpigmentation.

By using a process of elimination, you can discover the fundamental problem. For instance, you may try switching to a different deodorant, beginning to shave with shaving cream, or ceasing to apply any underarm skin treatments. On the other hand, you may attempt incorporating fresh items, including moisturisers and shaving products.

You should consult a physician if you’re unsure or believe your situation has something to do with your health or heredity. Take a doctor’s guidance before stopping any drugs.

Preventing irritation in the underarm skin

When taking care of yourself, it’s important to know these tips:

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you could have acanthosis nigricans (AN) if you believe there’s a potential that your hyperpigmentation is brought on by too much weight and too much insulin. Before treating hyperpigmentation, see a physician to handle any potential for diabetes or other significant health issues.

At Klinik Dr Inder, we specialised in aesthetics while relying on our doctors’ expertise. So contact us and let us help you if you’re experiencing underarm hyperpigmentation.