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Top 5 aesthetics trends in 2020

Aesthetic trends are ever changing with time and the world of aesthetic treatments – essentially anything from a facial to microinvasive procedures – has come a long way since the beginning days. Aesthetic practice in Malaysia is no exception. Top 5 aesthetics trends in 2020 are here for you. Looking out for the best aesthetic clinic per se may not be enough if you are not equipped with the current ‘craze’ in the world of aesthetics.

Gone are the days where clunky old machines and painful ‘tweaks’ are the only way to better your features. Now the tinniest gentle prick is enough to do the trick!


 Yes, makeups are there for goddess-like contouring and enhancing your power features. But no make-up look is the current ‘in’. And that bring us to the aesthetic trend number 1 of 2020.

after done anti wrinkle treatment


If you have not heard this word before, well that is because it probably did not exist before 2020. Jokes aside, this is a serious business of healthy skin and beyond. Yes prevention is better than cure but how does this translate to skincare? It is a question that puzzles much. The key is to ‘go minimal and start early’.

Our skin ages all so naturally despite the best skincare the world has to offer simply because it loses its hydration and subsequently collagen cross links. With the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine, we are able to halt that process and even return youth to your skin. Formulations of skin boosters with high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid ( HA ) does not only improve moisture to your skin but also ‘lift’ your skin allowing signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin to disappear in a blink.

Skin Boosters such as Profhilo works wonders by improving the overall texture of your skin if very very minimal maintenance and that too without a trace. Imagine having a glassy dewy skin all rosy cheeks and no one would even know you had a visit to an aesthetic clinic? Sounds like a jackpot!

2.Girl Power


Who run the world? GIRLS! Yeap that is right.

Women are becoming more and more vocal with their rights, also very transparent with their needs and sexual health. In alignment to that aesthetic medicine has also been very female-centric in developing newer and effective technologies to cater for women. Female rejuvenation procedures back then would have been limited to surgical correction and reconstructions; however now non-surgical vaginal tightening has taken the world by a storm.

vaginal tightening

BTL Ultra Femme 360 emits radiofrequency energy that in turn stimulates more and more collagen fibers within the vaginal tract. Thus, tightening the vaginal canal along promoting lubrication as well.

Women after a childbirth, peri-menopausal or even those with pelvic relaxation syndrome can benefit greatly from this treatment. And that too with no scars or downtime!

3.Booty Lift

Hourglass figure is something we all yearn for, but how do we get there? And what is the price to pay? Are implants the only way out? Or is it hours and hours of squats. If all these questions are puzzling your mind, don’t worry-we got you! Non-surgical buttlift is the new way to get your bootylicious game on. BTL EMSCULPT utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate hypertrophy and hyperplasia of treated area.

Well it can be used on abs too to gain a well defined 6 packs. In just 30 mins you get to ‘sculpt’ your dream body while you lay back and relax comfortably. Well isn’t that was 2020 is all about-relaxing all the way!

4.Men Take Over

Men over the years have played it rough and tough, probably not much care given to skin health. But hey, it is the largest organ afterall! The most applaudable trend of 2020 in aesthetic medicine is seeing more men being transparent of their skin care and concerns and seeking help for it.

Skin Tightening Treatment

This awareness is clearly needed as men, due to their hormonal level are more predisposed to skin concerns such as acne and scars especially scars such ice pick scars and box scars , and can be made to disappear with the right treatment.

5.Right On Top

Last but not least, we are talking of the ‘top’ of all trends, the hair. Hair fall does not discriminate, we all fall victim! Hair thinning and hair fall is probably the most common concern we all have in 2020 attributing to the global stress. We may not have much control on the pandemic situation, but we surely can solve the hair problem.

Hair Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP although not yet a household name, it is getting there. Your blood’s plasma that is rich in platelet and growth factors are derived and administered to your scalp, predominantly on areas with sparse hair density. This will not only give you volume but also improve the texture and span of hair. There are alternatives like Hair Filler, but speak to a Hair expert to asses your hair problem and find out the best solution for you.

These maybe the aesthetic trends for 2020 but looking at its remarkable results, these trends are likely to stay for long long time. Seize this opportunity to grab attractive promos before they run out! Carpe Diem!

Written by:
Dr Vaishnevi Thanaseharan,MBBS (AIMST)
Klinik Dr Inder

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