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The Five Most Common Targets for Dermal Fillers

dermal filler

Facial volume loss and wrinkles can be treated using dermal filler, a gel-like substance injected under the skin. When administered by a skilled injector, these products can enhance and shape the face. The use of dermal fillers to get the look of a more young you is on the rise.


Dermal fillers are very often used on the cheeks. When we age, one of the first areas to lose volume is the midface. Many people find that they seem younger and more revitalised without undergoing invasive cosmetic procedures like a facelift by simply restoring lost cheek volume. Your skilled injector will evaluate your entire face to determine which procedures will best achieve your desired results.


The lips are a prominent target for dermal filler because of their prominence. Lip fillers can enhance your lips by making them fuller and moister. When performed by a skilled injector, lip augmentation should result in a subtle but noticeable improvement to the lip’s contour

Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are creases that form on both sides of the lips, beginning at the nostrils. These creases deepen with age and may indicate a decrease of facial fullness in the midface. These creases can grow more pronounced as early as the mid to late 20s, and the skin in this area is considerably thicker than in other parts of the face. The face is carefully evaluated in order to pinpoint the exact regions that need to be treated.

Marionette Lines

The vertical Marionette lines that develop from the corners of the lips to the chin are a telltale sign of volume loss in the lower face. In most cases, these wrinkles first occur when a person is in their mid-30s. Dermal filler can be used to enhance the chin, jaw, and lower face profile by filling in wrinkles and restoring a more youthful appearance.

Under the Eyes

Many people, hoping to lessen the appearance of bags or dark circles under their eyes, turn to topical treatments. However, because only a small fraction of the substance is absorbed by the skin, its efficacy is restricted. Consult with one of our skilled injectors to find out if using dermal filler to add volume to the under-eye area is a good idea; doing so can help you seem less fatigued and more refreshed, giving you a more youthful appearance.

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