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Facial contouring may be done subtly with the help of nose thread. The form of one’s nose may make or break one’s entire facial aesthetic. Want a more appealing nose but not ready to commit to rhinoplasty? You may have the nose of your dreams without having to go under the knife if you have an hour to spare and visit us at Klinik Dr Inder.

The thread lift and filler can both improve the look of your nose without the need for surgery. The doctor and patient will discuss treatment goals at length at the first visit, and the doctor may determine that a multipronged approach would yield the best outcomes. When compared to fillers, nose threads are frequently more successful in shaping the nose to have a more refined tip, a more apparent lift, and a more defined contour.

How a Nose Thread Lift is Performed and What to Expect

Patients who wish to avoid surgery, are wary of its potential risks, and place a higher priority on predictability than on aesthetics may benefit from the nose thread lift. No surgery is required for a nose thread lift, making it a great alternative to rhinoplasty. That’s right; no incisions or other invasive treatments will be necessary.

Due to its exceptionally low risk profile, PDO (polydioxanone) has been employed for years in non-surgical nose lift applications in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. The PDO material is biodegradable, so it will be flushed out of the body at some point. The criteria for allergies and antibodies are met by this product.

Principal Gains from a Nose Thread Lift

Some of the advantages of thread lift therapy are:

What is the procedure?

The nose thread lift, sometimes called a “lunchtime nose job,” may be performed in less than an hour. Patients can return to their regular schedules (work or school) quickly after finishing therapy.

Your doctor will tell you to close your eyes and rest on your back with your head up. You may find it more bearable if we apply a local anesthetic to your nose and the region around it. Your doctor will inject fine threads in two planes: horizontally across the bridge of your nose and vertically up the tip. Collagen stimulators and structural scaffolding are used to shape the nose and give it a durable lift.

The number of threads needed and the resulting effect are both very subjective. The results may be noticeable right away since the threads keep the nostrils open.