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Our body requires multiple types of vitamins and nutrients to function at its best, well skin is no exception. Micronutrients and gluthathione are vital for collagen synthesis for skin rejuvenation. Multivitamin drip is a cocktail of all vitamins and gluthatione in adequate amount for skin to stay young, fresh and supple.

The Multivitamin cocktail also helps strengthen immune system as it is rich in vitamins and nutrients.

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How is it done?

The multivitamin injection is mixed with intravenous saline to form a cocktail which then would be administered into your body through a intravenous cannula.

Who should do it?

Anyone with:

Is it painful?

The pain is only during the line setting, then it is just 30-40  minutes of bliss since you know your body is getting the pampering it deserves.