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PRP has shown great potential as a non-invasive method for rejuvenating the face. If you or a loved one are interested in platelet rich plasma therapy in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, please get in contact with a reputable and experienced cosmetic clinic.

The following face features can benefit from PRP treatment:

PRP treatment for face rejuvenation has longer-lasting results than alternative non-surgical methods. PRP’s primary advantage is that it encourages the body to create collagen at the treatment site, which will ultimately add volume and plumpness to the skin. The results will last longer as a result of this.

The persistent appearance of open pores on the face is a common source of self-consciousness. PRP helps heal these intractable pores by temporarily shrinking them and permanently enhancing the skin’s overall condition. Facial skin texture, which can become dull and coarse as we age, can be improved by PRP.

Patients of all ages can gain from PPR treatment. It’s especially useful for treating early signs of skin damage and improving overall skin condition in younger people. It can also help elderly patients by providing a more tailored approach to treating skin issues connected to ageing.

Different patients will have different PRP treatment plans, which can also determine how long the effects last. Three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart are often necessary for adults over the age of 40. Alternatively, younger individuals may just need a single appointment. As a result of normal wear and tear, certain patients may require more regular treatments.

Visible benefits often appear within three to four weeks. Improvements in outcomes are shown for up to 6 months after therapy has ended.

Patients should expect long-term advantages from PRP treatments, but these improvements are not permanent. After the initial treatment course, doctors often recommend annual maintenance treatments.

Predicting a patient’s response to PRP therapy is challenging. Despite getting the same treatment and attention, some individuals see more dramatic and long-lasting effects than others. If you want to know yours, please contact us at Klinik Dr Inder (Inder Wellness) at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur and let us assist you in the best approach to address your concern.