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Facial Product for skin condition like sun damage are listed but need recommendation from Doctor first. We all know how important skin care routines are. But how many of us do actually know what works for one’s skin? We all have different skin types and some even different skin types at different areas, that simply means oil production and sebum secretion differs tremendously at these areas.  Moisturizer, cleanser, toner, facial scrub, sunscreen, eye cream, night cream and the list go on and on.

Meet us today for a free consultation and let us tell you what works (and what does not).

At Klinik Dr Inder , we advise for sunscreen with adequate coverage and protection (up to 50+) such as Skinfinity,  TDF, Frezyderm and also Heliocare to prevent sun damage and skin ageing.

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Facial Product does not mean that you only depend on these product. Where as great flawless skin does not simply matter of inheritance or DNA. Your Daily habits will give impact to your skin appearance. But depend on which product you are used. To do so, see the Doctors and get consultation.

What you need to know is to understand your skin conditions and surrounding environments like how long you actually exposed to the sun and what product you actually used to block the sun from radiating directly to your skin.