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The vast majority of us are concerned with our health and make conscious efforts to eat right and keep up with our exercise routines. But no matter how well we take care of ourselves, some of us are nevertheless plagued with pockets of fat that refuse to budge.

Dr. Klinik Dr Inder is pleased to announce the addition of the EMERALD LaserTM, a non-invasive laser technology designed to help decrease stubborn body fat and produce a more slimline shape, to its collection of cutting-edge, highly effective, and clinically-proven treatments for a variety of face and body ailments. The EMERALD system is the cutting edge of “laser lipo treatment.”

Because the EMERALD procedure is both non-invasive and does not require any incisions, it may be easily fit into anyone’s schedule. In Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, you may find EMERALD at the Klinik Dr Inder facility.

Centre of Excellence for EMERALD laser fat reduction therapy in Malaysia is something Klinik Dr Inder takes great pride in. You can count on the expertise of Dr. Inder as an expert in transforming your body. Among the few clinics in Malaysia, we are the first to provide this innovative therapy.

Exactly what does EMERALD Laser does?

The therapy emulsifies the adipose tissue, releasing excess fatty molecules into the body. These are then eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system as part of the detox process.

The EMERALD Laser therapy is completely painless and requires no intervention.:

By breaking down hypertrophic adipocytes (fat cells) without killing them, EMERALD helps maintain hormonal homeostasis. These green lasers have a wavelength of 532 nm and are emitted at a low power level from a low temperature source. The fat cells are made healthy again as a result of the energy transfer from the laser, which causes the cells to release their fatty content.

With an EMERALD laser therapy, what can I anticipate?

Klinik Dr Inder’s EMERALD laser lipo treatments might help eliminate those last few stubborn pounds. It also helps restructure collagen, which reduces the visual effects of cellulite.

It’s not uncommon for doctors to treat:

The EMERALD laser is not only effective on the waist, hips (muffin top), thighs, abdomen, and back, but also on the arms, neck, calves, ankles, and chest. Only the EMERALD Laser is safe and effective enough to treat the complete body, making it the only laser fat-loss solution available.

The EMERALD treatment at Klinik Dr Inder does what, exactly?

In order to determine if you are a good candidate for EMERALD, we will go over your medical history and address any body image problems at your initial appointment.

We’ll also talk about how to keep the weight off in the long term by proactive measures like eating better and exercising regularly.

Our cosmetic clinic will then craft a treatment plan specifically for you, and you may schedule your first appointment.

The procedure is painless and risk-free, making it ideal for everyone. While you relax on a treatment couch, your doctor will use a total of 10 lasers on the problem regions at once. After the 30-minute treatment, you may immediately resume your normal activities.

What may I anticipate as a result?

In most cases, EMERALD laser can reduce your waist size by up to 6 inches. However, your personal body fat percentage will determine this. Success in losing weight and keeping it off over the long run is more likely if you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Body fat gradually converts into lean, healthy tissue over the course of 4-12 weeks after EMERALD Laser treatment.

What now?

Find out yourself how EMERALD can help you achieve your body goal. Especially if you’re looking for a motivation to commit to a weight loss journey, EMERALD treatment at Klinik Dr Inder (Inder Wellness) at Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur can help kickstart your plan. Contact us for a consultation!