Cheek Augmentation


Cheek augmentation improves facial contours and restores lost volume. Cheek augmentation helps sunken cheeks and facial hollows
Our aging processes begins as we reach the age of mid-20s due to both internal mechanisms such as loss of ‘filler’ components, hyaluronic acid and collagen, and lifestyle factors causing aging signs, wrinkles to appear, along with a loss of volume and radiance. The facial skin hence appears older and saggy with every passing year while altering facial shape and structure.
Cheek augmentation helps sunken cheeks and facial hollows
The cheekbone injections provide a non-invasive and cost effective solution to cheek augmentation. As an alternative to its surgical counterpart, cheek augmentation can also be performed using fillers for restoration of volume loss due to aging or adding definition.
At Klinik Dr Inder we use dermal fillers or thread lifting at the cheekbone area. With the several varieties of cheek fillers being available in the market, each of its types provides different effects as well as their longevity which may also vary.

What does dermal filler for cheek augmentation treatment involve?

Small amounts of dermal filler are injected directly into the skin using an ultrafine needle. After cleansing the area to be treated, a numbing cream will be applied. This ensures the injections administered by the doctor will only cause minor discomfort.
The gel administered helps to plump up the skin to smooth out lines and wrinkles. If the lips or facial contours are being treated, the filler adds volume, restores shape and gives a fuller, fresher appearance.

Duration and Recovery time of non-surgical cheek augmentation

Cheek fillers enhancement hardly take 20 minutes to complete. Downtimes doesn’t exceed more than a day.

Post Treatment

Temporary fillers are moldable in the first 4 hours or so and they set in approximately 2 days. In the first 4 hours, you shouldn’t apply firm pressure on the area of the filler or massage too hard. Gentle washing of the face is permitted. For the first 2 days, it is advisable not to apply prolonged pressure on the area of the facial filler e.g. sleeping on that side of the face. Thereafter, once it has set, you can do whatever you want and it should not change in shape.


It takes almost 3 weeks for changes to become more visible which last for around 12-18 months or more.

Before & After

Individual results may vary