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Written by Deena Yusoff
Approved by Datuk Dr. Inder

Malaysia Aesthetic Doctor

The award-winning Malaysian aesthetic doctor, Datuk Dr. Inder Kaur, is celebrated for her 30 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. Being one of the country’s leading figures in the art of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, she has helped people laying claim to their individual beauty by delivering successful and natural results. Her magical transformations take place at her practice, Klinik Dr. Inder (Inder Aesthetics), situated in Selangor.

Establishing a one-stop centre for health, beauty and wellness

Dr. Inder was a committee member of The Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM) and an Exco member of the Malaysian Society for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine (SAAARMM). Currently, she is the proud founder and CEO of Klinik Dr. Inder, which offers safe, reliable and reasonably priced services in Aesthetic.

Her practice has attracted an international clientele who chose her services for its efficiency and affordability. On this account, Malaysia becomes their choice of medical tourism destination. With her long-standing passion and expertise in delivering desired results, Dr. Inder’s clinic provides diverse non-surgical treatments tailored to every customer’s individual needs – ranging from dermatological treatments to body contouring to facial enhancements.

She also ensures her customers’ awareness and involvement by giving free insightful consultations prior to any procedure. This is owing to her philosophy rooted in helping people possess a favorable body image, leading to a positive frame of mind when interacting with their environment. To have that form of wellness, it has to start from within, that is, to have self-confidence.

As an LCP holder, work ethics are not something to be taken lightly, thus, she never failed to follow the proper standards and guidelines set in place by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health. In addition to the strict adherence, Dr. Inder’s clinic employs the latest state-of-the-art equipment for their services, complete with FDA approval, and a team professionally trained in every treatment offered.

Honored with Global Health APAC Awards 2020

Her well-established professionalism has won her the Best Clinic For Hair Transplant and Aesthetic of The Year Award by Global Health Asia-Pacific in 2020. Nevertheless, the accomplishment is just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Inder is proudly expanding her practice on a global scale, with new plans to open clinics in Indonesia and the Philippines have been set in motion.

Nothing is stopping the ambitious aesthetic expert from growing and moving forward. Being an award winner of a prestigious body like Global Health Asia-Pacific only drives Dr. Inder to continue and achieve her goal in helping people embrace a healthy and optimistic lifestyle. Consequently, she hopes to also set an example for other fellow Malaysians to always persist in healthy pursuits of life.

Experience your own transformation with Dr. Inder! Let’s start with a free consultation with her today.