Dark under eye circles are a problem that impacts almost everyone at some point or another, so are really quite common. That said, some people definitely do experience this condition to a much greater degree, so if that describes you, chances are you will want to be looking into what can be done to treat this issue so that you can improve the complexion of your skin.
Dark under eye circles are definitely going to give you a tired and worn-out look, so can reduce your attractiveness to others.
Some people may notice dark under eye circles moving into the inner and outer corners of their eyes as well, making their eyes appear almost ‘sunk’ into their head.

MedLite C6 ND Yag Laser For Dark Eye Circle

–There are variety of different causes of dark under eye circles, so it’s not linked to just one thing. While sleep deprivation is the most commonly known reason of dark under eye circles, they can also be brought on by allergies, asthma, or eczema. In some people, hay fever will also cause them to occur.
–Aging is also a cause of darker eye circles as the skin becomes thinner and more delicate with age. Older individuals are more likely to experience them than those who are younger.
—Fluid retention can also cause these eye circles to worsen as well, as can iron-deficiency anemia.

The MedLite® C6 Q-switched N-d Yag at 532 and 10534 nm is an ideal laser option for safe treatment of both epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions and a great choice of treatment to treat dark eye circles age spots, freckles, solar lentigos, lesions, Melasma, Chloasma, and liver spots efficiently and effectively making a dramatic difference in the quality of life for patients and is becoming increasingly popular for being non-invasive with less side effects comparing to other laser options.

1064 nm wavelength is a treatment of choice for darker skin patients with less hyper pigmentation incidents and responses from both practitioners and patients are fair-to-good improvement noted in most cases. Mild, transient erythema, hypo-pigmentation, and hyper-pigmentation can be noted but can be resolved fairly quickly without any textural changes, scarring, or other side effects.

1064 nm Q-switch YAG, can also be chosen as a powerful toning, firming, and re-vitalising skin treatment ( laser toning) on any part of body area with regular intervals.

It is important to avoid sun exposure and to use a broad spectrum sunscreen for two weeks prior to treatment. You should also inform your physician of any health problems or history of abnormal scarring.

It is important to avoid sun exposure and to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to the treated area following the treatment.

No downtime is required for this treatment and you can resume your daily routine immediately after your session. In addition, there is no swelling, scarring or bruising, nor any major side effects associated with this treatment. Your skin may experience some mild redness but this is temporary and should subside in 30 minutes.

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