Klinik Dr Inder, your trusted Aesthetic Clinic Malaysia. Your One-stop centre for health, beauty and beyond. Be the best version of you. Located at Petaling Jaya Selangor.

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Global Health Asia Pacific Award Winner

Best Aesthetic Clinic 2020

Datuk Dr Inder-Star Soba Award Winner
Datuk Dr Inder-Female Entrepnuer of The Year by Star SOBA


Emsella by BTL Technology

High-tech Medical Equipment

It’s not a standardized treatment. We offer idealized medical services with our advanced equipment.

Specialist Doctors

Same equipment results depend on the skill of the clinical workforce. Klinik Dr Inder is made up two mist trusted specialist for aesthetics in Malaysia


One-stop medical system which can cover consultation, testing and treatment at once. Klinik Dr Inder also present the total care service

Professional Medical Service

With our systematically trained staffs, we provide global medical services not only English also Chinese and Japanese.

benefit of aesthetics

Safe And Effective

Certified Doctors

Visible Results

Minimum Downtime

what we offer

Pamper yourself with what you truly deserve. With the aid of world class technology and a eye of precision, let us make your dream come true.

Our Specialties

At Klinik Dr inder, we provide many kinds of treatment in order to help promote your overall well being and help you look your absolute best.


Skin Rejuvenation


Face Contour

Skin Whitening

Laser Hair Removal

Fat Reduction

Body Contour

Skin Tightening

Feminine Care

Hair Loss

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ABHRS LOGO Certification of Dr Inder

Our Reviews

They are professionals in all sorts of skin , hair , facial & body infection ..... They use lazer treatment as well. Doctors , assistants , nurses & helpers here are very gentle & humble on handling patients . They redefine beauty & health to its best. I trusted them. Please do check out their website. Just Google. All will be well...
Clement R
Local Guide
I am very interested in Klinik Dr Inder after I saw the services whether on youtube, website, instagram and facebook. Besides, one of my friends did a mole removal here and he was very satisfied. I also want to come again with my friends to do other treatment.

Muhammad Aiman Zainuddin
Local Guide
I have been coming to klinik dr inder for my laser hair removal. my friend recommended this clinic. i am very satisfied with the results, hardly any hair on my legs now. would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality treatment at an affordable price =)

navina rani
I went to Dr. Inder Clinic for consultation of mole removal today Dr. V was very helpful and informative and answered all my inquiries. I was later attended by Ms Hani. I am glad I seek the procedure here. The staff are professional and friendly. And, the most important matter to me is the procedure was not painful at all.
TokMiRoza Osman
Local Guide