Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment

Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment

Considering the time and money invested in gym memberships and dieting regimens, the CLATUU Alpha is THE solution for the ultimate fat reduction experience. Designed with 360° Surround Cooling Technology, the multiple cooling cups fit all curves and contours from as high as your chin all the way down to the knees to deliver absolute, non-invasive body contouring your way.

Fat Freezing With Body Shaping

The CLATUU Alpha can non-invasively freeze off significant to the technology’s 360 surround Cooling that provides body contouring like no other.

Cooling cups generate freezing temperature into your stubborn fat. During treatment, crystallised fat cells start to die off and are processed as naturally as the salad you had for brunch.

Certainly! Check with your if you qualify for treatment 4 weeks after your first session. Until then, you can also receive massage therapy to boost circulation for ultimate look desire.

If you struggle with stubborn fat just about anywhere on your body and won’t burn off simply from morning jogs and costly dieting regimens, talk to your doctor about planning your own session.

Depending on the area targeted, your treatment should take up between 40-60 minutes. Rest assured, your doctor will carefully select which cooling times are optimal for a full effective session.

You may feel slight tugging and pithing on your skin into the first 5 treatment minutes, but the numbing eventually gives you more than enough comfort to partake in other leisure activities.

You may experience slight redness, bruising, and soreness after initial numbing in the target areas subside. Such adverse effects, however, shouldn’t prevent you from you daily routine.

If you keep up with new eating habits and workouts recommended by your doctor after treatment, expect impressive fat reduction changes over the course of 4 weeks up to the 3-months mark.

Different Treatment for Eliminate Double Chin
Process of Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment

Before & After

Result From Clatuu fat Freezing Treatment
Before and After Treatment Result From Clatuu fat Freezing

Individual results may vary

Baseline Result Before and After Treatment From Clatuu Fat Freezing
Baseline Result Treatment From Clatuu Fat Freezing

Individual results may vary

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