At Klinik Dr Inder, we can have the revolutionary combination of thermal and mechanical energy using Radiofrequency and Targeted Pressure Energy simultaneously enables the treatment of all 5 main causes of cellulite and skin laxity

Unison Cellulite and Skin Laxity

BTL UNISON is ideal for anyone looking for the non-invasive cellulite reduction and overall improvement of the skin appearance.

During the first visit, your provider helps design your individual treatment plan. Most patients undergo 4 treatments, scheduled 1 week apart. A treatment typically takes about 20 minutes depending on the treated area.

The most common perception of the therapy is being compared to a hot stone massage with intense mechanical vibrations. The treatment is performed in a relaxing, lying-down position.

The simultaneous delivery of both energies leads to recomposition and recovery of the targeted tissue. As a result, you can see, that your skin is more elastic with the smoother surface and reduced dimples. Browse our Before & After section to see some of the results.

Patients have reported improvements after a single treatment session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.

The whole procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery time. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break and return to your daily activities immediately.

You will not be required to exercise or alter your dietary habits. However, the treatment results give you a head start to a better looking body. Most patients feel motivated to take care of themselves.

The only one device that treats all 5 main causes of cellulite.

Before & After

Result for Unison Cellulite Treatment

Individual results may vary

Individuals Result for Unison Cellulite Treatment

Individual results may vary