Emsculpt focuses intense waves of electromagnetic energy, a safe and natural kind of energy, to trigger contractions in our muscles. The contractions are intense and can
not be done through exercise alone. Muscles are targeted to be activated over 20,000 times in 30 minutes: this level of activity is simply not possible through physical
training, even by the best Olympic athletes! One session with Emsculpt is in fact better than doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats, because the machine targets 100% of the muscle
while physical activity affects less than half of the entire muscle’s strength. Muscles respond to adapt to these extreme conditions to hypercontract, and a remodeling of
the inner structure occurs. Fat cells degenerate and leak out, while muscle fibers are built. Abdominal and gluteal muscles become more firm, lifted, and defined. This reduces the waistline, and causes the body to continue burning fat well after the treatment was performed. Exercise alone could never achieve these changes.
Unlike other forms of body contouring, this procedure is completely safe and natural: no side effects have been reported and over 95% of patients are satisfied. This device, unlike other body shaping devices, improves toning and shape while also burning fat. The device also improves a condition that commonly affects women after pregnancy called diastasis recti. In diastasis recti, the abdominal muscles are pushed farther apart and cause the belly to appear larger and rounder. Emsculpt tightens the core to improve the appearance of one’s belly and reverse some of the changes caused by pregnancy.

During the procedure, a device is strapped onto your stomach or  gluteal area. Your trained provider will control the contractions at a rate that is appropriate for you and your body. These contractions will feel strange the first few moments, as if an intense vibration has reached your inner core. After several contractions, the machine will perform a tapping motion that helps release the lactic acid and toxins from the muscle. You may feel slightly sore after the procedure, but this usually disappears within a day: much faster than the soreness from many gym workouts.

There is no downtime. Nothing special needs to be done before, during, or after the procedure. The treatment itself feels like an intense workout. But, instead of sweating and being uncomfortable like you would at the gym, you can lie back and relax. There is minimal to no discomfort within a day of the procedure, because the machine uniquely massages muscles to get rid of toxins and acids that build up after a traditional work-out.

The response is rapid, especially compared to other fat-reducing tools where months to years go by before change is visible. After just one visit, you will feel an improvement within a day or two. Results are seen by two to three weeks. Since the treatment increases your fat metabolism in those areas, you continue to notice improve for weeks after treatment.

We recommend treatment twice a week for the first two weeks, for a total of four treatments. To maintain results, one treatment is can be done every three to six months.


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Individual results may vary

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