Botox For Crow’s Feet


We prefer a very “natural” look and believe we should still have some crow’s feet when wesmile, to retain the “twinkle” of the eye smile. Botox® can be used to keep crow’s feet under controlby preventing them from getting worse over time. At Klinik Dr Inder will adjust the amount needed according to the amount of lines, the structure of your face and the way you smile. Our clinicians
want to soften the effects of ageing whilst still retaining natural movement and expression.

How long does a Botox for crows's feet treatment take?

It is a simple 10-minute procedure, with a few tiny injections directly into the muscles we want to treat.

When can I see results of a Botox for crow's feet treatment?

You will see results from 1-2 weeks.

How long will a a Botox treatment for crow's feet last?

Your Botox treatment will last 3-4 months.

What can you use with Botox to make results better?

PRP: helps thicken skin and improve fine lines around the eyes. Great for creepy eyelid skin
Laser Treatment: to enhance skin and improve recovery
Medical Grade Skin Care: to improve and maintain results
Dermal Fillers: to soften under eye hollows
EXILIS: to tighten and soften fine lines – and lift skin around eyes and eyelids

Where else can I get Botox?

Botox® treatments has been used for several years with an almost 100% success rate for treating excessive armpit sweating.Botox® treatments are also used to treat medical conditions such as:

-Bell’s palsy
-Facial spasms

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Individual Results May Vary


Individual Results May Vary

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