Body hair transplant can refer to one of two scenario either Removing hair from the body and placing it into the scalp:

In this scenario men who want more coverage on the top of their head but no longer have transplantable scalp hairs can have hairs harvested and transplanted from the beard or chest into the head. Removing hair from the scalp to place it into the body:

In the second aforementioned scenario, a man who desires to have more beard hair could use his scalp hair to be transplanted onto his beard to achieve that goal.

To do either of the above 2 procedures it is achieved by performing the FUE method of hair harvesting, i.e., removing individual hairs from the chest using a small punch device.  

We  performs corrective procedure and successfully uses body hair as the additional donor area to help improve one’s appearance.

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With the FUE method it is possible to take hair from other parts of the body and move it to the head. When a body hair transplant is done, the hair is often taken from the chest.

There are different scenarios when a body hair transplant may be a suitable option:

When the donor area in the back of the head does not have enough grafts left after a previous hair transplant.

A body hair transplant can cover scars in the donor area that may have been caused by old transplantation methods, such as the FUT method.

If a patient’s hair in the back of the head is too thin to be able to give natural results in the donor area when the hair grows out. Then a body hair transplant can be used to fill out the transplantation area instead.


Hair technicians will often avoid taking hair from other parts of the body than the head. That is because it is more difficult extracting healthy grafts (hair follicle groups) from other parts of the body. When extracting hair from the donor area in the scalp, it is a lot easier to ensure that the grafts are kept healthy during extraction. The skin on the scalp is a lot thinner which makes it easier to extract a graft without it taking damage during the extraction. In the case of a body hair transplant, however, the skin is a lot softer which makes it more difficult taking out a healthy graft. Our doctors and hair technicians have many years of experience and are among the best in the industry, so we have the technical ability to extract healthy grafts, but it is something to keep in mind when having a body hair transplant elsewhere.

Another thing one should be aware of before having a body hair transplant is that the hair from other parts of the body differs to the hair quality on the head. This means that the transplanted hair may have a slight different texture to the rest of the hair on your head to begin with. This does not impair the quality of the hair follicle and does not complicate the healing process.


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Frequently Asked Question

Can the hair that is transplanted from the body fall off?

The quick answer is no, the hair on the chest and other parts of the body is, like the hair on the back of the neck, genetically coded not to fall off.

Can hair from other parts also be used as donor other than chest?

Yes.Back hair and hair from leg can also be used for transplant

Will my hair from body look natural on the scalp?

The hair from the body has a different quality from the scalp hair ,it might be slightly thinner compared to the scalp hair